Clear Ice Ball Experiments

Mike Laine

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This page shows several methods to obtain perfectly clear 2.5" ice spheres for cocktails, drinks, or a whiskey/rocks glass.  One ice ball will keep the drink cool for at least 60 minutes with minimal dilution in comparison to ice cubes of equal volume.  They look incredible in the glass!  The internet is loaded with experiments if one is inclined to read the chronicles on clear ice.   My search for perfectly clear ice balls on a shoestring budget is still ongoing .........

You will need a vacuum insulated container, silicon ice ball mold, insulation, and bottled spring water if your tap water contains sediment like mine.  Trials on different types of bottled water proved bottled spring water to produce the clearest ice balls.   I found the containers and molds on eBay and Amazon.  Store your ice balls in a ziplock baggy until desired.


Silicon ball molds are available on eBay and Amazon.  They are single, BPA free, 2.5" molds.

Funtainers by Thermos are 10 oz vacuum, double insulated, stainless food jars and have a very small footprint........ 3.5" X 3.5" X 4.5" and 5.5" tall with the filled ball inverted.

Used Funtainer $6.05
Ball Mold         $2.69

Total                 $8.74

Directions for Ice Ball:

1.  Fill container to the top with bottled spring water (Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water tested).
2.  Fill ice ball mold with spring water and seal with finger.
3.  Insert inverted ball into the container.
4.  Use insulator jacket for 
0 - 8 F freezers.

5.  Freeze for 24 hours and remove clear ice ball.  

Hole Punch Experiment:

Using the Funtainer as follows, I get the shortest unit (3.5" X 5.25") and use the least amount of water
(13 oz).  Follow the pics for directions.  You only need to use a 3/8" hollow punch to place a hole in the flat bottom of the mold.  Now you have an entry and exit hole.  Gently snug the inverted mold into the partially filled container.  The pressure will help maintain a good seal between the halves and give round ice balls without mold separation.  Place the insulator jacket over the unit and freeze for 24 hours.      




Insulator jacket for freezers set to 0 - 8 F:

Styrofoam Sill Foam Gasket is a closed-cell polyethylene insulation that is inexpensive, easily workable, and available either on the net or at your local hardware.




Update: Click here for help with cloudy ice balls at 0 degrees.

Click here for video showing ball extraction at 0F.
Follow this link for warm freezer experiments using bubble wrap.

RV Ice Balls:
I've had requests about how to get clear ice balls in an RV.  The special problem here is constant shaking when walking around and bubbles jiggle into the sphere.  Here is the answer.  I hung the ice unit in a net and when the RV rig shakes, the ice is not affected.  


Clear Ice Balls to You,

Clear Ice Ball Experiments
by Mike Laine